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Called today to try to order my sons glasses since he had lost his. She asked me if I wanted everything the same as his last pair told her yes. She came back on the line and I asked how much she told me $130. I asked if that was after my insurance? This is when she became rude and had a very short tone with me. She said you already used your insurance for the year. I informed her that I used the exam and lenses but not the frame and my plan is... Read more

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Shopko Optical - Paid for glasses and they never shipped them to me. Worst place to go for service and eye care products
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From: Me Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2016 4:42 PM To: Subject: Customer complaint On 5/21/16 I came in for my eye exam. Store 0099 in Onalaska WI. I had picked out and paid for a rather expensive pair of glasses that same day before I left. I told the woman that I travel a lot for work and asked if they could be shipped to my home so I could have my wife overnight them to me where ever I happen to be. She said they could... Read more

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Very dissatisfied customer I bought two pairs of glasses from Shopko Optical and was told I had scratch protection on them I paid over $700 for the two pairs of glasses 1 pair was Harley-Davidson frames 1 pair was plain again I was told they had scratch protection they told me to wait until i got a few scratches on them around three to six months before I brought them in to get the lenses fixed from the scratches I went in after 6 months and... Read more

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I purchased a new set of eye glasses with the very best coatings available on plastic lens. In less than a year I had many scratches. I have worn glasses for over 50 years and this is my first complaint. I went back to the store and was told yes, you did buy the best we have. The glasses were over $700. Too bad was the answer. You may have to buy new lens. I thought the scratch lens had a 2 year Guarantee? I always clean my glasses with the... Read more

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Myself, my husband and my son all go to Dr. Johannson. We like him a lot. His staff is helpful and always polite. The only issue I have is that after the appointment it takes an hour to get all the paper work done so that you can pay and leave. There has to be a better way to handle that data entry. It seems like the program has to be updated, because they are tabbing through screens and waiting for fields to fill. They either need... Read more

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I loved the exam and the ladies working. But 3 months after i got my glasses i noticed scratches. Went to the store and i was told to bad. Your eye lashes and makeup is whats scratching your lenses. I have always used thencleaning cloth. I spent $500 on my glasses and will never spend another cent in shopko for anynthing !!!! Im one pissed off customer

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I only got them this summer, and I noticed a scratch on left lens, just yesterday, mar 19. I thought it was dirt, but rubbed and rubbed and wouldn't come off, it was a scratch, I have no idea how it happened, took them to shopko and they are going to send them away to have the left lens buffed out to get scratch off but if it deeper than the coating, they cant do the lens, they wont even cover the lens, I haven't had them that long, ... Read more

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I went in for an eye exam to get a new prescription for contacts. I was seen by a new docotor, not my regular one. She wanted me to try the two weeks prescription instead of the monthly because of my dry eyes and astigmatism. I tried them but they still dried my eyes out so I wanted to get the one day contacts. I had to wait 2 weeks for the doctor to say ok; because she only comes on Tuesday but had one day off there. So finally got the call... Read more

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made an appt online which i thought was pretty convenient. i was excited to try contacts after not having an exam in nearly 4 years. Showed up to my appt and they didnt accept my isurance, no big i asked how much an exam would be (unaware that there is a difference in eye glass and contact exams) she told me a flat $80. I got into my exam and she finally asks if i want to continue glasses or try contacts, i told her contacts and she... Read more

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After spending $671.00 for bifocal top of the line lenses (or so they said) My glasses came back wrong. After 3 different eye exams and 3 different prescriptions they still are not right. So I go to take them back (remember they say in 90 days you can return for a refund) I get treated like I don't know what I am talking about. They told me I should be able to see out them. Key words SHOULD BE> Well I still can't I ask for a refund... Read more

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